Officials play an important role in managing and allowing a match to be played safely, fairly and within the laws of the sport of Bowls.

Officials who are accredited through the National Officiating Accreditation Scheme are recognised by Bowls Australia, the STA and the Australian Sport Commission (ASC). Bowls Australia has 3 accreditation’s which once achieved last four years; Marker, Measure and National Umpire. These accreditation’s are skill based and requires specific competencies. Bowlers can choose to gain accreditation has a National Umpire which encompasses accreditation as a Marker and Measure or Bowlers can choose to just complete a Marker or Measurer accreditation depending on their interests and needs. This allows for flexibility for a club member to just officiate as a marker but not an umpire at their local club or allow a Third to brush up on their measuring skills.

The final step in the Officiating pathway is the International Technical Official (ITO). This accreditation is a World Bowls accreditation. The ITO accreditation is designed for those already accredited as National Umpires who wish to umpire at national and international events and on TV at events such as the Australian Open, Commonwealth Games, and Grand Prix events.

Accredited Coaches

Graeme Avery 0417 939 376

Robyn King 5971 4068

Mike Boucher 0409 006 252

Les Pimm 0402 1654 864

Neville Bradley 0408 658 516

Darren Mathers 0409 435 479

John Ogilvy 0422 636 394

Peter Pearson 0419 306 866

John Curtain 0418 391 390 (Club Coach)

Phil Crowder 0419 444 885

Accredited Umpires

Gary King 0419 289 480

Robyn King  5971 4068

Glenys Smith  9781 3931

Mike Boucher 0409 006 252

Philip Crowder 0419 444 885

John Ogilvy  0422 636 394

Accredited Markers

Brenda Ogilvy