Dear Phil,

Thank you once again for opening your doors to Narringalling, the Baden Powell Park Venturer Unit.

It was wonderful for the young people of our unit to learn to bowl at your club and we appreciate both the kindness and patience of your colleagues in teaching the Venturers how to bowl successfully. For our group to have the chance to bowl on a weeknight summers evening was just fantastic. To do so at a venue with such extraordinary facilities was a real bonus.

We look forward to continuing our relationship with the club into the future.

Kindest regards,

Bec Robinson

Bec Robinson, Narringalling, the Baden Powell Park Venturer Unit.

Hi Phil,

I would highly recommend Karingal bowling club to my associates as the place to go, for their smooth and delightful help and tuition.

Your staff and facilities are second to none and we will be back in the near future

We all loved the Skyedome especially when it starts to rain great innovation.

Best Regards


R.E. Olds, Transportation museum

“I visited Karingal Bowling Club and tried barefoot bowls with some of my work mates. The experience was great, it was great to have supplied snacks and drinks from the exclusive bar.  Your facilities are beyond world class and we will back again. I’d highly recommend them to anyone.”



Jenny Francis, The Fun Factory